Posted by: krnloop | February 27, 2008

Jang Ri In releases first album in China


Chinese singer Jang Ri In, who debuted in Korea in 2006, will be releasing her debut album entitled “I Will” in China in early March. A showcase is scheduled to take place in Beijing on the 27th at 2 pm and will be attended by about 150 reporters from Beijing Daily, CCTV, MTV and other media organizations. Moreover, the showcase is going to be broadcast live in the portal site

According to SM Entertainment, Jang Ri In’s debut in China is the last stage of its plan of creating a new flow of the “Korean Wave.” Jang Ri In was discovered from China and was made to debut in Korea and is now set to debut in her mother country.

Jang Ri In’s debut album “I Will” includes 12 tracks and is planned to be sold in other Asian countries like Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Source: Newsen


  1. I believe she debuted in 2006. Setmember? Yes I just looked it up. Sept. 9th 2006.

  2. Thanks for the correction.

  3. […] February 27 in Beijing, Jang Ri In held a successful showcase for the release of her 1st album, which was was attended by about 70 media organizations like MTV, Beijing Daily, CCTV,, […]

  4. wow! her voice is beautiful!
    i love her voice!
    her song is really nice

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