Posted by: krnloop | February 27, 2008

“Change” under attack


Criticisms against the variety program SBS “Good Sunday” poured in the show’s message board after its broadcast last February 24. Lee Hyo Ri was featured in the program’s new corner called “Change.”

In the said corner, the show’s hosts, Shin Dong Yup, No Hong Chul and Son Ho Young, interviewed subway passengers in the presence of Lee Hyo Ri, who was disguised as a 80 kg. woman, and Kangin, who was made to look like a middle-aged man.

The hosts asked what passengers think about Lee Hyo Ri and they honestly answered the question and said that Korea’s Sexy Icon has grown old. This hurt Lee Hyo Ri and made her cry.

A lot of viewers did not like what they saw and published their views about the show. A certain viewer wrote on the message board that the show cheated on Lee Hyo Ri.

“I didn’t feel that people behind the show were considerate of Lee Hyo Ri, who also has the same feelings like all of us. The show is inconsiderate and has no concept,” a viewer posted.

Another viewer posted that he/she felt bad while watching the show and that Lee Hyo Ri became its victim.

On the other hand, according to TNS Media, this episode rated 11.5%.

Source: Chosun



  1. LOL WHATEVERRRRR They obviously knew they would get adverse reactions to doing what they did and i think they have just played up the whole “hurt” angle.


  2. I don’t get the point of this show. So they’re there in disguise to hear what people have to say about them? What’s the point of that? They could easily do that without them there.

    A better idea would be to have celebrities in disguises out in public and see how they’re treated when they’re normal everyday citizens and not someone famous.

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