Posted by: krnloop | February 27, 2008

45rpm’s controversial “Dubidubap”


Hip hop group 45rpm’s new song “Dubidubap,” which is from its 2nd album called “HIT POP,” is creating a lot of buzz. The song’s message criticizes g.o.d., Jo Sung Mo, Rain, SG Wanna Be, and Epik High’s Tablo who have appearred on variety and drama programs. The controversial song resulted to the mentioned singers’ fan clubs to retaliate and 45rpm was even accused of using other celebrities to make itself popular.

Because of the recent turn of events, YG Entertainment made a statement regarding the issue.

“The lyrics to this song was written way before and in fact, 45rpm has a good relationship with the musicians mentioned in the lyrics. It states what is happening in the Korean music industry and is not aimed to criticize the musician himself. 45rpm members also have the same standpoint regarding this issue,” YG Entertainment explained.

Source: Sports Khan



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