Posted by: krnloop | February 23, 2008

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Love is in the air!

Fashion magazine Marie Claire, which is celebrating its 15th Anniversary in Korea, and portal site Daum started a “love” campaign that will run from February to March. The love campaign is obviously about love and has the slogan, “I love the environment, I love a child, I love my neighbor, I love you.” Marie Claire explains that this campaign aims to put across the meaning of true love, which involves love for family, friends, neighbors, nature etc.

To promote the said campaign, celebrities like Jung Hye Young, Sean, Clazziquai’s Alex, Heo Lee Jae, Oh Sang Jin, Baek Boram, Kim Jae Woo, Lee Hye Young were photographed wearing the “love shirts.” The pictures will be featured in Marie Claire’s March issue.

Part of the earnings from the sale of the “love shirts” will be donated to Beautiful Foundation.

Source: Hankyung



  1. sean’s daughter is adorable!

  2. cutest family ever!

  3. I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures. ;__; Sean’s family is so adorable.

    8D/ Thanks for the news.

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