Posted by: krnloop | February 22, 2008

Happy 37th Birthday Seo Tae Ji!


Last February 21, legendary singer Seo Tae Ji left a message in his homepage to commemorate his 37th birthday.

“I’m now already 37 years old though it seems that it was just yesterday when I became 30. I’m happy to spend this time with fans but it’s also frightening to think that I’m slowly walking towards death. I’m going to save energy as I eat seaweed soup and make my comeback,” Seo Tae Ji posted.

He also mentioned how important it is to prepare a bit more for his comeback, which he likened to cooking.

“To make delicious rice, it should be steamed well enough,” Seo Tae Ji stated.

Seo Tae Ji is currently producing his 8th album, slated for a release in May, in his own studio in Kangnam, Seoul.

Meanwhile, a longer version of Seo Tae Ji’s GM Daewoo commercial was recently aired.

Source: Starnews



  1. ok what that’s him NOW?

    I have never seen a 37 year old man look that… good O__O

  2. I think that’s an old pic. Maybe 2 years ago.

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