Posted by: krnloop | February 22, 2008

AJOO, debut performance


Newbie AJOO, who released his first single album entitled “1st KISS” on Valentine’s Day, will finally have his debut stage on the 22nd in KBS “Music Bank,” and on the 23rd in MBC “Music Core.”

“As this is my debut stage, I’m tensed and nervous but I practiced hard to present a great performance,” AJOO said.

AJOO put in his ideas and had an extensive acrobatic training for over a year for his debut performance.

Source: Newsen



  1. I’ve seen him on Tv, he seems good o.O

  2. I hope he gets a lot of success, he’s talented and really handsome.

    Good luck, Ajoo!!!

  3. i wish his mouth would close lol. it was cute now it just bothers and annoys me ahahaha. I havent heard his song but i’ll wish him luck

  4. […] an MC of the show, expressed how he is impressed of new singer A-JOO’s voice. A-JOO had his debut performance of “First Kiss” on this […]

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