Posted by: krnloop | February 20, 2008

TSZX’s Japan concerts


TSZX The Grace, who debuted in Japan in 2006 with the single “Boomerang,” will hold its first solo concerts entitled “TSZX Graceful Party Vol. 1” on March 20 at Shinsaibashi Muse in Osaka and on the 23rd of the same month at Club Asia P, located in Shibuya, Tokyo.

To commemorate the announcement of the concerts, the 4-member female group’s member Dana posted in their official homepage a message which states, “We’re working hard in order to provide great concerts. Please watch out for them.”

Source: Yonhap



  1. How exciting! I wonder how I can get tickets? Hmmmm…

  2. you can get tickets by going to the tenjochiki website.
    actually its called tszx Graceful Party Vol.1.

  3. yay for CSJH!! ❤
    i heard their tickets were already sold out? you can check.

  4. I love CSJH. They are absolutely so talented. I think they deserve so much more recognition then they’re getting.

  5. […] the success of TSZX the Grace’s first solo concerts in Tokyo, Japan last March 20 and 23, an additional concert date was set on May […]

  6. The ancore concert on 5/19 is already soldout also. Tenjochiki rocks! LINA is so awesome ! Soon to become #1 singer in Asia.

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