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YG Entertainment has come up with official characters for BIG BANG called “Bangs” and has incorporated them in 8 different school supplies like stickers and notebooks included in a “B-SCHOOL” set, which was opened to the public on February 19. The characters have actually been printed on various goods like shirts and stationery that were sold during BIG BANG’s concert in December 2007.

“We employed a character designer to develop the Bangs characters that have similar features with BIG BANG. New names were also given to each character. The characters were done to make BIG BANG closer to fans. We plan to use the characters in other products,” YG Entertainment said.


The names of the characters are Tabi (T.O.P.), Tori (Seungri), Ssongi (Daesung), Bebe (Taeyang), and Jingyo (G-dragon) (L-R of picture above).

Source: Sports Korea



  1. Reminds me of the Suju, Suju T, & DBSK cartoon characters! The Big Bang cartoons look cute too!

  2. LOL at seungri’s dark eye bags and omg why GD look like that lmao

    these cartoon characters are so cute. I wanna buy the stationary and stuff with them on it.

  3. I’m sure those b-sets would sell much better if they weren’t freaking $50+ USD D:

  4. they’re so cute!!! ❤
    i don’t think their cartoons should’ve gotten new names though

  5. yeah i wish they werent so expensive i went on yesasia man i dont wanna pay that much

  6. top!

  7. ohh TOP
    its so cute

  8. hu

  9. i love the Big Bang

  10. ZOMG!!! i lav big bang especially T.O.P. and G-dragon. hwheee . you might think its weird because my backgroung is iranian (but i dont like iranian too much) i was born in canada though =P

  11. background*

  12. Do they ever have concerts in canada?

  13. awesome! big bang you rock! nice korean songs too :]

  14. WOW big bang

  15. i love big bang so much. they are cool. seung ri is the best

  16. I have that picture on my igoogle homepage. it’s a really cute cartoon!

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