Posted by: krnloop | February 19, 2008

“The JYP Tour” to grow into a music festival


Park Jin Young is scheduled to hold a press conference at the Marriott Marquis Hotel located in Broadway, New York on February 20 to publicize the “The JYP Tour,” which starts on the 29th at the Wamu Theater, and reveal details about Lim Jeong Hee, G-soul and Min’s debut in the US.

In a previous press release, it was revealed that OutKast member Big Boi is participating in Lim Jeong Hee’s US album while Lil Jon worked on Min’s album.

According to Jung Wook, Vice-president of JYP Entertainment, the aim of the “JYP Tour” is to be a music festival for Asian singers.

“For the tour’s first time, JYP singers Lim Jeong Hee and G-soul are to perform on stage but in the future, it aims to invite singers from Asia who aspire to debut in the US. The tour also aims to raise the level of attention on Asians in the US market,” Jung Wook explained.

“The JYP Tour” is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, Atlanta and San Francisco after its stop in New York.

Source: Gwangnam


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