Posted by: krnloop | February 19, 2008

Shinhwa’s cliffhanging concerts at Nippon Budokan


Shinhwa’s planned 10th Anniversary concerts to be held at Nippon Budokan this April 18 and 19 were postponed. The legendary group’s last concert in Japan was in December in Tokyo and Nagoya.

According to an announcement on the 18th by Open World Entertainment, the company in charge of Shinhwa’s overseas performances, the Japanese promoter UDO Artists had quoted excessive production cost that caused the concerts at Nippon Budokan to be postponed.

“The concerts in April are postponed because UDO Artists demanded a higher concert production cost than what was talked about in December of last year. We’re going to consult a local accounting office and legal firm and do all possible ways to solve the issue,” Open World Entertainment clarified.

Open World also expressed its apology to fans who became victims of the current situation.

“We would like you to understand that this was done to prevent the problem beforehand.”

However, UDO Artists objected to Open World’s statements stating, “It’s true that the April concerts were postponed because of discussions with Open World. Actually, it was known that Shinhwa member Junjin has another plan on April 19. There aren’t problems regarding money but we’re negotiating it with Open World at the moment. News coming out are one-sided, which is disappointing.”

Shinhwa’s label in Japan also clarified something regarding the issue.

“Shinhwa members are doing their best to prepare for their Seoul concerts in March. Neither concerts in April nor postponement of them have been made final.

Source: Edaily


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