Posted by: krnloop | February 18, 2008

Wonder Girls, January album sale chart


After a little over 3 months since its release, Wonder Girls’ 1st album, which includes the popular song “Tell Me,” still holds an impressive spot in the album sales chart that is tallied by the Korean Music Industry Association.

In an announcement made by the said organization last February 16, Wonder Girls’ 1st album sold 10,602 copies in January and ranked 4th in the chart. This record is actually higher than the one the girl group had when it released its album in September 2007. At that time, it only sold 9,201 copies and ranked 7th.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Ryul’s 5th album, which was released on January 25, placed 1st with 41,470 copies sold in just 6 days.

Source: Joynews24



  1. […] with 12,707 copies sold. Kim Dong Ryul’s 5th called “Monologue,” which topped the January and February album sales chart, placed 4th with 12,528 copies […]

  2. hello. im from mongolia i’love wonder girl

    • hi W.G

  3. Hello! I`m from Korea, but I moved to Sao Paulo in Brazil and go to an American school. I want to write in Korean, but I can`t beacuse I`m not good at it. I didn`t know about wonder girls, but when I started to know about it, I loved it! I love, love, love, love wonder girls! Please make more songs~~ And I liked the ‘ So hot` song most~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. And you- the girls from the wonder gilrs are all pretty!

  5. hey, i’m from indonesia. i have actually known wonder girls for not so a long time but i fell for them at the first sight lol. everytime i googled i always wanted to know more more and more about them. thanx fo krnloop for fullfilling my desire of WG!

    wonder girls hwaiting!

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  10. This is WandG you’re performance was awsome i’ve loved every minute of it

  11. hi! I’m bax. I love sun mi .

  12. ummm……… im not a werido like you ppl! so yea<3 ily Alex Lay=)

  13. ummm……… im not a werido like you ppl! so yea<3 ily Alex Lay=) ( boyfriend)

  14. hi w.g i’love w.g

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