Posted by: krnloop | February 18, 2008

SS501 finishes concert in China


SS501’s first solo concert entitled “SS501 1st” in China last February 17 at the Shanghai Grand Stage was a success and was attended by approximately 3,000 fans from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

During the concert, which lasted for 2 hours, SS501 sang a total of 20 songs that include “Unlock,” “Warning,” “Passion,” and “My Destiny” and “A Song Calling For You,” which were sung for the first time and included in a new single album that will be released this March.

The group expressed its happiness for being able to be with its fans and also promised better performances in the future.

“We’re happy to meet our fans in this great concert. This is our first concert in China and although we’re still lacking, we’ll do better in the future,” SS501 said.

SS501 returns to Korea on the 18th.

Source: Edaily



  1. SS501 Jjang!! 😀

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