Posted by: krnloop | February 18, 2008

Lee Hyo Ri as an 80-kg. woman


Sexy Lee Hyo Ri’s transformation into a plus-size woman, which took 5 hours to finish, for the new segment of SBS “Good Sunday” called “Change” last February 17 surprised Shin Dong Yup, No Hong Chul, Girls’ Generation and even her family.

In the show, Lee Hyo Ri showed, for the first time, her parents, two older sisters and older sister’s husband. Until the end, her parents did not notice that it was their daughter they were interacting with.

After the show aired, comments on online message boards like “The show has a fresh concept,” and “This is an improved version of the candid camera,” were posted.

On the next episode of “Change,” Lee Hyo Ri’s experience in the streets as an 80 kg. woman will be aired.

Source: Starnews


  1. Wow, it really tells you a helluva lot about Korean image perceptions when 80kgs are used as “fat-suits”.

  2. is that actually hur? :O


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