Posted by: krnloop | February 16, 2008

BoA captures Mt. Fuji


BoA recently posted a photograph of Mt. Fuji, which she personally took while on an airplane, in her Oricon blog.

According to her post, BoA stated that she has been traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan but it was only now that she accidentally chanced upon Mt. Fuji.

“Seeing Mt. Fuji this good is hard to come by. I feel good to have a taken a good photograph after a long time. Yahoo,” BoA posted.

Source: Starnews


  1. hm… is that the exact picture she took? (the one displayed)

  2. Yes, it’s the picture she took. It was stated in the caption in Starnews.

  3. I love her photography in her blog.
    Can’t wait till she releases her album or comes back to Korea 🙂
    …def can’t wait to see hour her American debut turns out as well.


  4. this is completely irrelevant… but for some reason i noticed…

    BoA is really big in japan… and i noticed a lot of korean artists are big and ACTIVE in japan… but i haven’t heard of any japanese artists active in korea. as in, composing and writing music in korean, specifically made for korea.

    its like, BoA has her japanese singles/albums and her korean singles/albums… but i haven’t heard of any japanese-… or any foreigner actively making korean singles for korea? is it hard to?

  5. There are restrictions for foreign artists to really make a name for themselves in Korea. They have to deal with a special VISA. Also, Koreans still have a big grudge on Japanese.

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