Posted by: krnloop | February 13, 2008

Rain, press conference on US plans


As reported the other day, Rain is to hold a press conference, to which William Morris Agency’s senior vice president John Mass also attended, today at the Lotte Hotel Grand Ballroom to discuss his US activities.

“Rain’s upcoming project is the movie ‘Ninja Assassin,’ which will be produced by Joe Silver and the Wachowski Brothers,” John Mass revealed.

During the press conference, it was evident how thankful Rain is to be casted in this new movie.

“This is a very big opportunity for me and it’s like a dream for me to star in a film that will be produced by Joe Silver and the Wachowski Brothers. I need to bulk up for this film and study more English. I don’t ever want to miss this chance,” Rain expressed.

With regard to an album release this 2008, Rain revealed that it will be delayed because of the said movie. He also said that he will be doing activities for the Beijing Olympics and that after the filming of the movie, if there is still time, he is thinking of releasing worldwide a single or album this year.

“How many albums I sell in the US is not important. Rather than aiming for a big hit, I would like to get my name and song out there and to introduce Korea. If the movie becomes a hit then I think it’ll help in promoting my music career. I think failing can be a good thing for it opens other opportunities,” Rain answered when asked what he expects when he releases an album in the US.

Source: Mydaily



  1. Aw, what a cute smile. His ideals are nice and reasonable; I like that.

  2. i hope he does well. you don’t see many asians out there-… or should i say “here”.

  3. omg whats up with his hair??

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