Posted by: krnloop | February 13, 2008

Horan, model of Vincis Bench


Clazziquai member Horan (29) is still the model for the fashion accessories brand Vincis Bench for two years in a row.

For this year’s campaign, ads, with the theme “Mystic Reflection,” will be placed in Vincis Bench’s shop and website and fashion magazines.

On the other hand, on the 29th in a club in Cheongdam-dong and on March 1 in a club in Hongdae, a party entitled “Clazziquai Robotica Party with Vincis Bench,” wherein Clazziquai will be performing and Japanese electronica singer Ram Raider and Capsule’s producer Nakata Yasutaka will be guests, will be held.

Source: Newsis



  1. that purse is (as my friend says) “dat tight junk”. lol!

    not digging the straight bangs… very few can pull off the straight bangs. i prefer layers, no?

  2. i dont remember her being THAT skinny O.O

  3. wow.. she looks so elegant ❤
    love horan!

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