Posted by: krnloop | February 10, 2008

U-Know refused fans’ gifts


TVXQ member U-Know, who celebrated his 22nd birthday on February 6, refused the expensive gifts (computer, laptop, synthesizer, digital cameras etc.) his fans sent him.

According to U-Know, he was impressed at his fans’ sincerity and was happy to feel how much they love him. However, he feels that if the gifts were just given to less fortunate people, the gifts would be of more value.

U-Know’s fan club understood his good intentions and will just donate the gifts to those in need.

Source: Empas


  1. Omg wow what an awesome guy. I so love U-Know

  2. wow, love yunho!

  3. awww ❤ him! i wonder if jj kept his gifts…

  4. I love this man. My respect for him has gone up tremulously 🙂

  5. But what about the several thousand of other gifts DBSK have received before? :\ I mean I understand the fans’ love towards these celebs, but they spend a ridiculous amount of money on trivial things that could be better spent for the unfortunate in the first place. They should stop sending gifts and do more charity in their fanclub’s name. The clean-up at oil spill was a good start, but I think they can still take it to another level.

  6. I totaally agreed with Sarah. They should their power in positive way that make people become more respect to DBSK and towards them s well. A good causethat will remain into people heart and mind forever. That will make people love and respect DBSK more. We should think into long way effect.

  7. why are they buying these guys such expensive gifts like laptops digital cams and stuff. Arent they celebrities?? I’m sure they have money they can just buy those trivial items themselves.

    i gained more respect for yunho for not accpeting the gifts. There are so much better things they can do for DBSK then buy those lavish gifts forthem

  8. makes me wanna go all fangirly and squeal… which i’ve refused to do since… forever.

    but i won’t. it makes me want to. but i won’t.

  9. you’re Mr handsome. I love U.

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