Posted by: krnloop | February 9, 2008

Chae Tae Hyun’s advice matters


In yesterday’s MBC “Come to Play,” actor Cha te Hyun revealed that Yoon Kye Sang and Rain consulted him regarding their acting careers.

According to Chae tae Hyun, who was also once a singer, Yoon Kye Sang and Rain were so worried whether they will fail once they go from being singers to actors. He said that he encouraged them to do so and even revealed that he was consulted by Rain on doing his first drama “Let’s Go to School Sangdoo.”

Source: Newsen



  1. Rain and Kye Sang, it’s best to maximize whatever talents you possess and at the same time explore the showbiz world. Take the advice of Mr. Cah Tee Hyun and you’ll not regret. Success or failure, at least you’ve tried. AND, trust NOT only in your abilities but also stay close to GOD for love nad blessings–you’ll never go wrong! It;s a 100% assurance!

  2. hay general hospitale supper drama

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