Posted by: krnloop | February 8, 2008

BoA & Se7en, US debut in Spring


BoA and Se7en are lined-up for their US debuts this Spring.

It has been known that BoA is currently preparing for her US album, which is targeted for a release in May while Se7en will drop his US album in 2-3 months.

Se7en started working on his US album in 2006 with famous producers Mark Shimmel, Rich Harrison and recently, with Darkchild. According to a message posted by YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk last February 1, Se7en’s album release is drawing closer.

If Se7en’s US project was made public, BoA’s was a made in a strictly confidential manner. It has just been recently known that producer Peter Rafelson, who has worked with Madonna, is participating in BoA’s album.

2008 seems to be the year for Koreans to advance in the US market for aside from the aforementioned singers, JYP Entertainment’s Lim Jeong Hee and G-Soul are also slated for a US debut this year.

Source: Starnews



  1. i’m looking forward to their debuts! hopefully americans will accept them.

  2. If they want to talk the talk, they need to walk the walk. They can say they want to debut in the US and are working on an album but without a record label to back them, they have nothing. Any artist that wants to go mainstream needs a record label to back them for CD manufacturing, promotion and distribution.

    Things work differently in the US than they do in Korea. Over in Korea, your entertainment company is your record label, management and whatever else you need them to be. In the US, your management, publicist and record label are usually separate.

    Se7en’s debut has been delayed because he has management but no record label. The US branch of JYP Entertainment handles management, it’s not a label. Even if it was a label, they’re not large enough to fund this venture all on their own. They would need someone big to back them.

    I’m not trying to be negative or put any of these artists down but there’s a huge difference between saying you’re going to debut in the US and actually doing it.

  3. i hope US accepts them. there aren’t many FULL asians in entertainment here… there aren’t any at all!

    at least i don’t hear of any.

    i’ll be accepting them with open arms!

  4. i think this is a great thing. having spent so much time over seas myself but also being born and raised in houston i believe that this could be something great.. Se7en has got amazing talent along the lines with Justin Timberlake or any other R/B artist in the US. BOA a great vocalist and is loved in all of asia. Yuna Ito though she has not talked of making a debut in the US anytime soon has done a duet with Celine Dion “A world to believe in”. which includes mixed english and japanese and is a phenominal song. Two great vocalist that come in perfect harmony. I look forward to there Debut here in the US and hope that they can make a great change.

  5. […] Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez also go to. Son Dambi also had vocal training and recording of Peter Rafelson’s song at the RMC studio, which Peter Rafelson, known to be one of Madonna’s producers, had […]

  6. I LOVE se7en!! i cant wait for the album!

  7. It’s hard for asian artist to get big in da US….. look at it, da only asian artist that is big in da US is Jin record label (Ruff Ryders, Virgin Records, Crafty Plugz, Draft Records, Imperial, Universal Music Group) i don’t care what happen i will alway be a fan……..

  8. Um….Se7en isn’t from JYP…. He’s from YG. But anyways, any news on his album? Se7en’s that is.

  9. so wen is Se7en debuting in the U.S.?

  10. I will buy both of their CD’s! I love Korea and Asia.

    Of course I love my country, U.S.A. too. I love supporting artists from my country as well as from others!

  11. running out of patience…will we see se7en and boa debut soon or not x__x

  12. Finally, its way overdue for their debut here. I too hope they will be accepted. I, who speaks not a word of korean (little japanese), love their music!

    It’ll be a welcoming break from that Madonna and Dixie Chicks crap. 🙂 Lets get some talented singers here.

  13. I’m American and I accepted kpop in 2001 =)

    I thought Se7en and Rain backed out of their debuts? lol But then I think Rain may have taken too much all at once with Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin to stop his progression with his album -_-
    I’m not much of a ballad person either so my enthusiasm for se7en is only soso .. but BoA omg ❤

    I LOVE her single and if the rest of the album turns out as well as that, I personally dont think she has a problem =) and if she knows it or not.. she DOES have a fan base here in the states that arent even asian at all (*points at self*).

    Sad tho that we have to wait that long for it.. /sigh
    I wanted her album in my stocking ^.~ rofls


  14. ı love you

  15. ı love you se7en

  16. I absolutely like both of them….
    I love their song, gorgeous move, beautiful voice…
    i really hope they will able to break US market ^^ and be accepted by americans…

  17. Go se7en Go…!!!!!!!!!^^

  18. I love you Se7eN cok tatlısın::D

  19. #Go se7en Go…!!!!!!!!!^^

    I love you Se7eN cok tatlısın::D

  20. çok tatlı keşke abimolsa

  21. keşke sevgilim olsan ı love se7en

  22. merhaba se7en ben 6yaşındayım sen japonsun seni seviyoruz lütfen bize yaz sençok yakışıklısın

  23. can’t wait to get these albums, man!

  24. iam ur fan iam 4rm bhutan

  25. i love you uch

  26. i love you
    ii love you
    iii love you
    iiii love you
    iiiii love you
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    iiiiiiiiii love you

  27. 그래서, 아주 아름다운 노래를 세븐. 너무 세븐처럼 아름다운 목소리를 들었어요 … 그리고 그 아름다움 하나를 대체하지 않습니다! 좀 더!

  28. So, a very beautiful singing Se7en. I’ve heard it too has a beautiful voice like Se7en … and its beauty will not replace one! you more!…….(i am from alovakia ,baby )

  29. Lol everyone is cheering only for Se7en? Why not cheer for them both? GO BOA AND SE7EN 😀 Good Luck 😀

  30. GElcm yanına se7enim bnm olcaksınn .. <3<3<3

  31. Love se7en with all my heart! The music is catchy and really great! my fave is La La La! Thanks so much!

  32. Im iranian and I love you verymuch

  33. I love korea & se7en

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