Posted by: krnloop | February 7, 2008

JYP’s trainees, “have to survive for their dreams”


The Mnet show “Hot Blood Boys,” which showcases JYP Entertainment’s 13 trainees vying for a position in the upcoming group of the said label, is receiving a lot of attention among Netizens.

Since its first airing last January 25, a lot of Netizens have requested that its airtime gets extended in order to completely show each trainee’s capabilities. Moreover, immediately after the poll started, the trainees Khun and Lim Seul Woong placed 1st and 2nd but as of today, Jo Kwon is at the top of the pack.

“Everyday the poll results change and the trainees, who watch over the poll, get half amused and half worried about it. To those who fall behind compared to yesterday’s result would just have to “strive a little harder,'” a JYP Entertainment representative said.

Now, let’s get to know a few of the trainees.

The trainee Ok Taek Yeon is known as the “Wonder Girls’ Guy” because he starred with the girl group in an ice cream commercial. Lee Jun Ho started training under JYP after winning 1st place and proving his dancing and singing skills in “Superstar Survival” while Jang Woo Young and Yoon Doo Jun got in the training program through a public audition of JYP Entertainment.

Khun, who already worked on a lot of commercials when he was still back in Thailand, was selected through an overseas audition.

“The most important thing is that we persevere until the very end. We know that we still have many things to work on. It’s important that we continue developing ourselves. Still, isn’t it that the Netizens’ votes are the most important?” a collection of what the trainees said on this whole process of selecting the members of JYP’s new group.

The 13 boys of JYP have dreams they want to fulfill but it is difficult to say who will be able to reach their goals. In the end, those who are the fittest will survive.

On a side note, JYP revealed that the upcoming group’s name and the number of members it will have are still not decided and will be based on Netizens’ opinions.

Source: Joynews24


  1. it sounds really hard to get into the entertainment business in korea… is it?

    i haven’t heard of many outsiders making it big in korea. would be possible for a non-korean to be famous in korea? like how BoA, DBSK, jyongri, K, and june got into the j-pop scene?

    • Yup, it is. They have auditions in different countries, including China and the countries down below China (geographically). I just read an article about this girl from the Philippines that’s a trainee with YG Entertainment, too.

  2. Regardless of whatever reasons that make up their individuality, I still think the two combined and more or less is still a big rip off of SuJu.

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