Posted by: krnloop | February 6, 2008

Andy gets strength from Shinhwa members


In the “Korea Idol” segment of the OBS show “Show Report, Movie Report,” which will be aired on February 9, Shinhwa member Andy expressed how other members helped him to finally come out solo.

“Going solo continually gives me fear and anxiety but because of the help from fans and Shinhwa members, I got the confidence to get on with it .

“Other members were always worried about me as I’m the youngest in the group. But I learned so much from the time I did the musical, album and now, television appearances. When I’m having a hard time, the members become my strength,” Andy said.

Source: Newsen



  1. I want to ask for permission to take the articles of this blog and I be able to translate to spañol to place it in my blog

    Thank you!

    P/D: I do not speak very well the English…

  2. Sure! Thanks!

  3. What beautiful words said Andy!
    You get strength from the members of Shinhwa!

    It’s really cute !!!!!!

    Thanks for the translation!

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