Posted by: krnloop | February 5, 2008

“Shinhwa is not disbanding!”


“Shinhwa is not disbanding!”

That was what Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan said during the recording of the “Korea Idol” (temporary title) segment of the OBS show “Show Report, Movie Report.”

“A lot of stories came out that Shinhwa will disband after the release of our 9th album in March but those are not true. Solo and Shinhwa activities will still continue. The group has already reached its 10th year and rumors that Shinhwa’s disbanding is funny. We’re proud to say that our friendship is deeper than being brothers.

“I’m grateful to fans who have supported us until now for Shinhwa lasted this long because of them,” Kim Dongwan expressed.

The “Korea Idol” series will start airing on February 9.

Source: Newsen



  1. BRAVO!!!

    Shinhwa is the best band in the world and the best one in Korea although some people doesn’t like the reality. I’m so proud of my guys. I’m happy because of this!! I’ll always be a Shinhwa’s fan.

  2. oh… they’re all so old to the point that the bandname is just rotten.
    Give me some Suju or DBSK plz…!!!

  3. how many times have they had to say this already?
    Feels like every few months or something another article about this comes out..
    why won’t people just believe them…
    Shinhwa fighting~!

  4. Yes! It’s great to see a group being together for so long 😀
    Go Shinhwa~! ❤

  5. They aren’t old maybe you are too young. They’re in their best moment as singers. Shinhwa is a LEGEND!!!!

  6. They wont be disbanding… but going for NS service right? i heard…or maybe i’m wrong…
    who’s going to shinhwa’s concert??? in korea…^^

  7. Whew! Was able to breath easy after reading that statement from Dongwan. ^^

    No matter what anyone says, it won’t change the fact that they are legends. ^^

    Love Shinhwa! Fighting!

  8. shinhwa forever………………..

    shinhwa hwaitiiiing………………….

    shinhwa saranghaeyo……………………


  9. I do not know why rumors of Shinhwa is about disbanding. To rumour maker, aren’t you tired of bringing up this irritating rumour. Instead of making such rumour, why don’t you try to create a more encouraging news about how Shinhwa manage their band or their current activities.
    Shinhwa is having a very strong brand position supporting by huge fan base and the untied knot of the members. This is the basic requirement for an everlasting boy band.
    It’s great to hear Shinhwa’s members counter the rumours.

  10. yes! Shinhwa is LEGEND! maybe to those thinking they are old maybe you should rethink if you are too young. they are the band to respect and be pround of! being so critiical that they are too old or whatever, how about concentrating on the new bands and leave this wonderful legend to people who really appreciate them for their everything! Shinhwa fighting! Saranghae!

  11. shinhwa members are hitting 30’s but they are still the most handsome 6 among the 30 year olds of today. way back when shinhwa members were in their mid 20’s, they were the 6 most handsome in their mid 20’s. now that shinhwa members have shaved their heads, their really handsome faces are revealed. sometimes hair cuts can create illusion that a man is handsome but pull the hair back and see if the face looks the same (good looking) or different (not good looking). according to arirang news, shinhwa members may have gotten older but they look better and sound better. so i really don’t mind them getting a bit older. as a fan, i’m getting older too. older and successful, like my shinhwa (”,)

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