Posted by: krnloop | February 4, 2008

Fly to the Sky’s successful concerts in Japan


Fly to the Sky just finished its concerts in Japan last February 1 at the Osaka Kousei Nenkin Hall and February 3 at the Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo), wherein about 5,000 fans went to see them.

Some songs the duo sang were “Let’s Get it On,” “Day by Day,” “My Angel,” and “Don’t Marry Him.” Fany also performed solo with the songs “This Woman’s Work,” “Champion,” “Run to You,” and “Missing You” while Brian sang his own songs like “Don’t Leave,” “First Date,” “Gentleman,” and “To Be Alike.”


During the concert, Fly to the Sky also took the opportunity to “clear” its name in front of fans regarding the reports that the duo hit a fan who was waiting for them in the airport in China.

“The rumor that recently came out is not true. Please still continue to welcome us in the airport,” Fly to the Sky said smiling.

JUST, who was one of the special guests in the duo’s concert, sang “A Love I Can’t Let Go,” which was from the OST of “My Name is Kim Sam Soon,” “Green Rose,” and “Poison,” which is from the OST of “Bad Love.”


Kang Yoon Ji, who is Sechskies’ Kang Sung Hoon’s younger sister, was also present as a guest and sang “If I Could” and “Endless Memory.” She is scheduled to debut in Korea this year.

On the other hand, Fly to the Sky will be flying to Hawaii to hold a fan meeting and mini concert on the 9th. By the end of February, Fly to the Sky will have a fan meeting in Thailand and will release a remake album in March. Fany will also be busy this year with his 16-episode SBS drama entitled “I Love You.”

Source: Yonhap



  1. Are you sure that Kang Sung Hoon’s sister Yoonji is debuting in Japan this year? Because I know she has been there in Japan for so long…and did mini concerts and stuff like that…

  2. I read the article again.
    It says she’s preparing to debut in Korea. Thanks for the correction. I’ll edit it now.

  3. No prob! I was just curious about it…do you know what label she is under?


    Thanks to my search in Naver. lol

  5. Hehehe thanks so much!!!!!

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