Posted by: krnloop | February 4, 2008

Asia’s most handsome guy


TVXQ member Hero was voted as “Asia’s most handsome guy” in a poll that was started by China’s Xingkong Weishi (Starry Sky) Satellite channel.

Approximately 40 million Netizens and viewers participated in this month-long poll that started in January and out of the said number, Hero placed first with a total of 4,176,192 votes (more than 10%).

Taiwan’s Jerry Yan followed with 3,729,697 votes while the 3rd place was occupied by TVXQ member U-Know with 3,528,148 votes.

Super Junior’s Chinese member Hankyung also got a seat in the Top 10 and placed 8th with a total of 2,011,054 votes.

Source: Yahoo Korea



  1. YAY! i voted too! JAE JOONG hwaiting!

  2. i love him! and yunho! and junsu! and micky! and changmin!

    i ❤ them all!

  3. Hey ure cute ………

  4. You guys…
    other gurlz love the heck out of him but be rational he doesn’t like fan gurlz i like him too but it’s nothin to fuss over and even though he’s really … cute remember … you guys probably won’t get to see him in a million years!!!

  5. Well… that was a bit of an upsetting comment… (@ JaeJoongluber XD) but I see what your getting at…

    STILL; supporting an artist I like is something rather important to me, so WOOT! GO JAEJOONG/YUNHO/HANKYUNG/JERRY YAN! *head bangs*

    Where can I see this entire list?

  6. i think max chanmin is asias most handsome guy!

  7. wooo!! totally agree with this poll!! Jaejoong is seriously good-looking!!! =O and an amazing singer!! xx

  8. yey!..hankyung…congrats..wonder what’s the rank of kibum, sungmin, and leeteuk..really love them…and congrats too jaejoong also..i also like tvxq..heheh…

    well, i have a question though.. were can we participate this survey? i really want to support super junior and tvxq!!…suju and tvxq hwaiting!!!

  9. i love yunho and jae joong… ahh i love them all…

    omg i wanna learn korean soo badly!!!

  10. i Love zyou GuyS!!!!!But i prefer Max…

  11. Hmm.. I thnk Micky was the m0st co0L n cutiest.. Hahaha.. I luvp Micky so much.. ❤ u, Micky.. But i think all the TVXQ members were hands0me.. Hwahwa.. But i ❤ Micky m0re than the other members.. So, i choose Micky to be the cutiest member..Haha

  12. But i really dn’t very like Max..Hahaha.. You’re so cute, Micky…<3 you.. ^^.. N ❤ you TVXQ..

  13. He’s handsome but I think he looks like a girl… Let’s say a lesbian dressing up as man…

  14. i dont get y ppl have 2 have this things like who’s the hottest guy thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,i mean,,,,,the world is toooooooooo focused on the looks of ppl…………….i am…personally TVXQ fan too,,,,but,,,i think…this gotta stop,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cuz i became TVXQ fan,,cuz i loved their voice,,and i still do…………….not only their look……….

  15. for me he’s not handsome. bt he’s DAMN pretty. he’s a lot more prettier then some girls. bt I LOVE HIM. 🙂

    yeay jaejoong!

  16. ahhh…jajongie oppa congrats 2 ya for being voted as mos pritti n hensemus guy in asia..i defenitly proud of ya n luv ya so much…u so sexyy n hot yay gambateh hero

  17. walau terlihat cantik tp hero ttp jd yg no.1 cz bwtQ dy mlh lbh terlihat unik,jaman skrng jarangkan ada cow cantik,dr pertama Q lihat dy Q udh ska bgt walaupun Q gak terlalu tau segala sesuatu tentang dy,ya q sich cm tau sdkt ttg bagaimana perjuangannya mjd seorag artis dan sekarang perjuangannya itu sdh membuahkan hasil yg menajubkan dan skrng tinggl menikmati hasilnya pokoknya bwt jaejoong oppa berjuang aja ganbate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will always love you forever

  18. he’s the most sexiest guy ever!!!!!!!!

  19. i’m in love

  20. hai…meskipun Q baru kenal kalian tapi Q da suka bgt ma kalian….q pengen bgt tau lebih banyak tentang kalian,gimana caranya ya???

  21. i lovo to watch TVXQ and i love the way they dance.Also, most of them are handsome and cute.

  22. i m fan of xiah junsu…..he is so cute,funny…and fun to be with…..he is no. 1 in my list..

  23. I love Hero.

  24. hot as heck!!!!
    sarang hae!!

  25. há! that is my Hero jaejoong!
    the right is “That’s OUR Hero Jaejoong!” x3

    Saranghe Hero Jaejoong! *-*

  26. i love hero
    saranghe jaejoong

  27. so nice! it;s fantastic!

  28. ka maut bah nimo woi!!! mura man ka og naung og amohhh!!! joker au kah og face dong!!!! he..he..he..!! naung nimo woi, mura og bagtak sa lamok!!

  29. wehheeehheeehh!!!!! your such a looser!! blehh!!!! ala u katunga sa naung sa amo boyyy!!! #%^&*(^%$^ luvya!!!

  30. wehheeehheeehh!!!!! your such a looser!! blehh!!!! ala u katunga sa naung sa amo boyyy!!! #%^&*(^%$^ luvya!!!

  31. we hate you!!!!!!

    we hate your face

    we hate your style

    we hate your everything!!!

    again,… we hate you, bastard freak guy!!!!

  32. we hate you!!!!!!

    we hate your face

    we hate your style

    we hate your everything!!!

    again,… we hate you, bastard freak guy!!!!

    • talk to your self girl..!!
      oh , maybe u dont have any mirror in your house?

  33. HERO,
    I like you.My elder sister like Chang Min.My younger sister like U-know. I like your group.
    I wish you happiness.

  34. HERO,
    My name is ……………. I am in my first yer at the university.I am 17. I am a Myanmar.I have two brother.I like your style,your face,your hair style,your body structure and your smile.I like you.My g-mail is kiss of belle.
    Please send your mail to me.
    Good Luck.
    My HERO.

  35. hi hero

  36. hi hero
    i love Chang min.Please tell to him.
    My g-mail is loveofgirllay.Please send his mail to me.
    bye hero. thanks.

  37. Hi!
    HERO,do you make befriend with me?I don’t have boy friend.I like listening to music and playing computer game.You like listening to music and playing computer game.We are same.
    Please send your mail to me.
    Good luck!
    Your new friend,

    • Hi!
      bjj s(boo jaejoong shi),
      i d h l(I don’t have lover.)
      d y m l w m?(Do you make lover with me?)
      i h y g a a g f(I hate your girl audience and girl friends.)
      i l y(I like you.)
      i l y(I love you.)
      t y s(Thanks your smile.)

  38. Hi!
    Jae Joong,
    I hate Anonymous and unknown because they hate you.But I love you.

  39. U are fool.

  40. hai…meskipun Q baru kenal kalian tapi Q da suka bgt ma kalian….q pengen bgt tau lebih banyak tentang kalian,gimana caranya ya???

  41. Congratulations to Jae & Yunho~ I love tvxq so much!! I have nothing against Jerry Yan, but personally I feel Yunho is better looking than him. But anyways, its ok, TVXQ is no.1 in my heart. ^_^

  42. love

  43. putang ina niniyo mga hayop kau.
    wala kayong magawa sa mga buhay ninyong mga tunamaan kayo ng lintik..
    mga walang hiya kayong mga putang ina niniyo mga demonyo….

  44. i like jejung, an yunho *nosebleed*..
    but why is siwon is’nt in that list?*cry*
    my opinion :
    1. uknow yunho
    5.micky yoochun bum

  45. try the filipino actors maybe they have a spanish surname that is because philippines were colonized by spain for 333 years

    *richard gutierrez
    dennis trillo
    dingdong dantes
    mark herras
    sam concepcion
    piolo pascual\
    louis alandi

  46. and try their before and after pictures




  47. esta pagina es la mas hermosa del mundo nunca me doy a salir de esta paigina ……. ATTEN: NoRmA EdItH

  48. malam begitu dingin
    menemani hatiku yang gelisah
    memoriku berputar
    memutar mengingat mu yang begitu jauh
    jauh begitu jauh, dariku yang selalu gundah

    my hero. . .
    beginilah cintaku
    kau selalu ada di relung hati ku
    dan aku membuat kenangan sendiri
    karena, aku tak ada dalam kenangan mu

    my hero . . .
    kau hadir bagaikan mimpi indah
    cahaya di tengah keletihan
    tatapan matamu begitu hangat
    hangat membalut setengah hatiku

    my hero, dengarkan anganku
    tahukah kau sakitnya perasaan ku
    saat kusadar siapa kau dan siapa aku
    hatiku terluka dan perih
    saat ku tau realitamu

    my hero . . .
    dapatkah kau merasakannya
    kerinduan yang besar di hatiku
    dan keresahan jiwa yang dalam
    karena ku begitu jauh darimu

    my hero . . .
    bolehkan aku berharap
    berharap kau ada di sampingku
    bersamamu berjalan mengarungi waktu
    dengan cinta, mengunjungi tempat terindah

    my hero . . .
    untuk terakhir kali, dengarkanlah
    dengarkan dengan hatimu yang dalam

    kau adalah malikatku
    bagiku mencintai mu menoreh lika indah
    aku bisa merasakanmu, meski mataku tertutup
    dan aku tersenyum melihatmu tersenyum

    ku memohon dari hati
    datanglah padaku sekarang
    aku tidak punya keinginan lain
    ku ingin . . .
    kau hadir di setiap mimpi indahku

    karena ku tau
    ku tak bisa menjadi satu-satunya di hatimu
    my HERO . . .



  51. manai jeajoong ch huurhun shvv vneheer cute gej helhedch bagdana hraad hanashgvi tsarailaga gej jigteehen

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