Posted by: krnloop | February 3, 2008

HaHa and MC Mong’s online shopping mall


HaHa, who will be enlisting in the compulsory military training on the 11th, and MC Mong will be opening an online shopping mall called “hahamong” tomorrow.

Aside from selling their own designs on different fashion items in the site, there will also be a chance for other celebrities to open their own “stores” in the site.

“It’s been about a year since we talked about this online shopping mall. After opening ‘Mong the Shop,'” I consulted him if he wanted to co-manage an online shopping mall. People will be seeing an eccentric fashion trend in ‘hahamong,'” MC Mong conveyed.

MC Mong’s online shop, which opened in May of last year, will still be managed as it is.

Source: Chosun


  1. i’m excited to see what cool clothes they have!

  2. woo! omg the two best friends! thats so awesomeeee.

  3. […] open an online store, Hahamong, selling their own designs of different fashion items. [Hat tip to Krnloop] Comedian Haha (left) and hip-hop star MC […]

  4. haha.
    when i went on at first, noh hongchul’s “AHHH” scared the shit outta me XD

  5. yay. i went to their site and also mc mong’s and it was kool. i really want to purchase a shoe there and a watch for my little bro but its all in korean. i am not korean but i jus love his style and i am sure many other ppl too. i hope they cant have a english version or something.

  6. Can you help me? I am from Indonesia. There is an item that I want to buy from Mong The Shop, but I have difficulties. The Web only supported Korean. I want to ask you if you know how to buy goods from Mong The Shop? Perhaps the email address that I can contact. I have called the customer center but not connected. thanks


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