Posted by: krnloop | February 3, 2008

45rpm’s “Power Rangers” formation


Fans were not disappointed in 45rpm’s comeback stage in yesterday’s MBC “Music Core.” In fact, after the show was aired, the group ranked as one of the most searched in portal sites.

After 3 years, the hip hop group is back with its 2nd album and promoting the single “Saljjakkung.” During 45rpm’s stage, the members Lee Hyun Bae, Park Jae Jin and Choi Kyung Wook wore helmets and silver outfits and did a “Power Rangers” formation that made fans laugh.

“45rpm members didn’t only want to make good music for fans but to also deliver music that they can enjoy with fans. This performance was prepared for a long time,” YG Entertainment said.

45rpm’s 2nd album will be sold on the 13th and will be available online starting tomorrow.

Source: Newsen



  1. LOL. XD These guys are awesome. Ah, I should check out their comeback perf. I miss Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers too~

  2. LOL <333 i wanna see the video?? where can i download it ..newayz glad they’re back i miss them <33

  3. n/m i just saw the video..hehehe i love the song but the AOAO part reminds me of Moogadang AOAO song =D but good song overall

  4. your responsee;

  5. power rangers

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