Posted by: krnloop | February 2, 2008

Park Hyo Shin vs. INTERSTAGE


Park Hyo Shin is facing a lawsuit involving a compensation for damages worth 3 billion won from his previous label, INTERSTAGE.

“He didn’t fulfill his exclusive contract obligations,” INTERSTAGE revealed.

The label submitted its case to the Seoul central district court on January 31 and requested compensation for damages worth 3 billion won, which is three times worth his exclusive contract.

According to the petition submitted by INTERSTAGE, Park Hyo Shin signed an exclusive contract in July 2006 under the condition that 4 albums will be produced, to which the singer agreed on and even persisted that he releases a single in Japan. The label also stated that Park Hyo Shin did not want to go on with the nationwide tour that was scheduled in May 2007 and that during his Seoul concert in July 2007, Park Hyo Shin urged the staff to not continue with it. From then on, he no longer communicated with the management.

Source: Edaily


  1. i hope you will come back stronger
    cuse… im a big fan…

    (from israel by the way)

    you are n amazing will be ok!

    the fans are waiting

  2. I love you PARK HYO SHIN!!! Be strong!!! We love you!!!! And you are the best singer in the world to me!!!!! Saranheyo!!!

  3. I love and miss you hyo shin. from Thailand FC.

  4. he is a good singer as well as good actor ,i appreciate his acting in his movies as well
    good luck! park hyo shin

  5. u r always the best, we r waiting 4 u

  6. I would really like to hear Hyo Shin’s side of things, frankly. Something is wrong, something happened, an artist of his caliber doesn’t just decide to stop recording albums for his label! What is the other side of the story?? Until we hear that, no comment at all on this.

  7. Park Hyo Shin, we’ve got your back here in the states! Continue to live high and righteous! You will come out of this even stronger! They know they blew a good thing with the way they treated you! Keep the faith! Fighting!

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