Posted by: krnloop | February 1, 2008

Yang Hyun Suk on Se7en’s US album


In a message written by YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk in the label’s homepage, he admitted the “fact” that an Asian singer, in this case, a Korean singer, to successfully enter a major market in the US has only a 1% chance. Yang even made the odds even worse when he mentioned that the 99% probability of failing is so much pressure on Se7en especially that he put a hold on his Korean and Japanese activities.

However, the 1% success probability is not what they are after.

“Rather than expecting a 1% success rate, we are working hard to find ways to raise that probability,” Yang Hyun Suk revealed.

“Fortunately, up to now, work has gone well, thanks to meeting the best US staff to maximize the possibility of Se7en succeeding. Mark Shimmel, Rich Harrison, Noize Trip, Fabolous and even a famous rapper are on our side. Moreover, the award-winning producer Darkchild is also participating in the recording.

“Darkchild is participating in Se7en’s album, which is already in its finishing stage. The most important thing that remains to be handled is searching for the record company that will add power to promoting Se7en. Our representative (American company) is already in the midst of working things regarding Se7en’s album contract with a famous record company.

“There are still no final results on the negotiations but we expect that the discussions will go well. The announcement on the album’s release is coming soon, in 2 to 3 months’ time,” Yang explained.

Source: Newsen



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