Posted by: krnloop | February 1, 2008

Masta Wu forms “YMGA”


Masta Wu and hip hop artist DM formed a project group called YMGA, which means “Young Gangster Association” and will soon release a mini album containing 7 tracks. As of now, 2 songs have already been recorded.

According to Yang Hyun Suk’s message in YG Entertainment’s official homepage that was posted today, the two have already known each other when they were younger because both lived in New York.

Meanwhile, 1TYM’s Teddy Park, who also lived in New York, is also working on the mini album as a producer.

Source: Starnews


  1. Where’s the M in Young Gangter Association? o_o

  2. I just literally translated “젊은 갱스터 협회.”

  3. Oh I see~ ^^; Oh, and there’s a typo in Gangster.

    I see Teddy still working in background. Heh, always doing a lot for everyone in YG.

  4. Thanks for the correction!
    *nods* I hope 1TYM makes a comeback soon.

  5. LOL i am oddly excited for this.
    I mean really, anything with “Gangster” in it has got to be good value XD

  6. I think YMGA stands for “Young Men’s Gangster Association.”

  7. That’s what I think so too. lol

  8. teddy’s only producing? i read a recent post from MR. YG saying that teddy is apart of the group too…i guess. teddy’s been missed, he needs to come back

  9. Teddy, really?
    OMG in New York right now?!
    how come i didn’t know this?
    COOLSSS =] well i hope he
    comes back.
    [Screams*] I Did not know that
    GOO YG & YGMA & 1TYM & Big Bang =]

  10. Y.M.G.A.

    Stands for young men’s gangsta’s associtation!!!

  11. really gangtsaz or fake like officer ricky

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