Posted by: krnloop | February 1, 2008

Joo, “JYP’s the greatest teacher”


In a recent interview, Joo was all-praise for her mentor, Park Jin Young, and talked about how it was during her training.

“I got dropped from the SBS ‘Star Survival’ and I thought that was the end but he gave me a chance and I started training. He’s a very cold but at times, a warm person. During the album work, I learned so much and he’s really someone I respect. He is the greatest teacher in my life,” Joo said about Park Jin Young.

“It’s hard to express emotions especially at my age and he got frustrated a lot. Although he’s not the type who yells, I could feel it. I received criticisms like ‘Don’t sing like that’ and ‘You sing well but you don’t give an impression’ that hurt but when I came to understand how to express my feelings in singing, I developed and received compliments,” Joo revealed on her training.

Joo also shared that if she is not satisfied with how she does during practice, she would just think that Park Jin Young is beside her to push herself more.

Source: Empas



  1. she is very beutyful

  2. i laike she smile

  3. ….hi

  4. I’m impressed
    I was crying
    ha ha haaaaaaaaaa

  5. A

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