Posted by: krnloop | January 29, 2008

Watch out for AJOO!


The Korean pop music scene is already awaiting for the newest male singer that is said to have it all, from dancing, singing and great looks.

He is the 18-year-old AJOO who will debut on February 14 with his debut single “1st KISS.” This guy trained for 6 years under STAM Entertainment, which is the same label of Younha.

“First KISS” was voluntarily written by Park Hwayobi, who got the idea when she saw his lips. This song is actually a labor of love because Park Hwayobi kept working on its lyrics until the day before her vocal cord operation.

Even Younha is also full support for his junior because she helped him practice playing the piano. As a trainee, AJOO just watched Younha play the piano but eventually, Younha became his teacher, who has been known to be sometimes nice and also frightening.

“AJOO’s genre is a combination of New Kids on the Block’s ‘teen rock,’ N’ Sync’s ‘teen pop’ and some band sound. The people who worked on Younha’s ‘Password 486’ and ‘Comet’ participated in his debut single,” STAM Entertainment revealed.

Source: Empas



  1. wow, can’t wait to see his performance…

    my only request… is that he doesn’t get double eye-lid operation after his debut!

  2. he is so cute! I’m curious to see what his debut song will be like~

  3. he must be talented with great artists like younha & park hwayobi working with him.

  4. sorta looks like jang geun suk to me…

  5. only 18… dang i wish he was younger… in this pic at least he’s stunning!!

  6. OMG~ he’s H-O-T!!!!!!!!!! i think i’ve fallen in love~ *O* xDD

  7. WOW!!! that’s so good to know!!!
    and his lips are so HOT HOT HOT!!!
    i wanna kiss him too!

  8. […] how he is impressed of new singer A-JOO’s voice. A-JOO had his debut performance of “First Kiss” on this […]

  9. i don’t like guys with fluffy lips except only for jaejoong. besides, ajoo seems like to looks sexy lips but its look unnatural. jaejoong’s fluffy lips looks natural and better than ajoo.

  10. omg ! he is freaking hot man! i hope he’ll be successful in the future.

  11. UR HOT

  12. UR HOT

  13. […] AJOO, who debuted in February with “First Kiss,” is releasing his 1st mini album called “Paparazzi” on July 3. Its title track also goes by the name of “Paparazzi,” which, according to an official from STAM Entertainment, is a trendy dance song and shows off AJOO’s mature vocals. […]

  14. wow he look so hot and sexy to me ha he is mine only

  15. Where has he gone?! I just began getting to know him but he’s nowhere to be seen at all recently this year :/

  16. i want to go out with you your very hot

  17. omdss hes actually really hottt

  18. he’s hot

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