Posted by: krnloop | January 26, 2008

Solbi is hurt because of “stupid image”


In yesterday’s MBC “Come to Play,” Typhoon member Solbi was in tears talking about how people see her as stupid. She confessed that she feels hurt that people are branding her as “stupid.”

“I also want to receive the same respect other female celebrities are getting. I’m not stupid and it hurts me that people think that I am one. My mother is hurting too because of my screen image. Seeing derogatory comments in the Internet also hurts me,” Solbi expressed.

Source: Newsen


  1. She isn’t stupid. Fans and antis are.

    Solbi fighting!!

  2. ^fans and antis are stupid?
    if you support her, doesn’t that make you a fan….then aren’t you…..?

    I feel bad for her, but if she’s gonna go around acting stupid (all the time, on EVERY show she goes on), she can’t except ppl to assume that she’s smart. But it is also unnecessary that ppl are leaving hurtful comments either.

  3. My take on this, she shouldn’t have portrayed the “stupid image” in the first place. It’s stupid to do that. >_<

  4. its actually her fault!!! she was the one who acted stupid, thinking that itd make her look good (heck no) when she’s on a show it just irritates me coz she acts STUPID! if she wants a respect then she should act more lady like, more sofisticated! when she’s on a show she acts just like an idiot! and now what? she wants a respect? lmao

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  6. I think Solbi is not stupid. It may be portrayed on shows like she is one, but in actuality I think she acts cute. She is her own self and that is what makes her a wonderful celebrity. She is her own individual self and she shouldn’t be judged just because she is not what everyone wants her to be. I wish her the best of luck in this industry where she’s always going to ostracized, but it’s great that she’s strong enough to still stay in it and be a stronger person. She shouldn’t let the press and other peoples’ negative comments get to her because they are all just insecure jealousy from people. SOLBI- FIGHTING! STAY STRONG AND WHO YOU ARE, FORGET WHAT PEOPLE SAY BECAUSE ONE NEGATIVE COMMEN T CAN MEAN TWO POSITIVE COMMENTS! 😀

  7. No matter what they say, Don’t let it go to your head….remember, if they are pulling you down, that means you are on top of them. Fighting!!!!!

  8. Usually solbi show her stupidity in the love letter show and the show is scripted 100%. they even have rehearsal before recording and every celebrity given a role to act on. Solbi usually pair with kim jong min and have to act stupid to match with jong min goofy character. Solbi not stupid!!!

  9. She’s just in love with him, it just that the people sees it as she acting stupid in WGM. I think your not stupid Solbi, us fans of yours doesnt think your stupid. We love AnBi. please dont leave!!!

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