Posted by: krnloop | January 24, 2008

J, “Wheesung was my backup dancer”


“Wheesung was my backup dancer when I released my 1st album. For 6 months, during the duration of my 1st album activities, 7 backup dancers, including Wheesung, ate, slept and lived in my house as if they were my younger brothers. We all went to work together,” J revealed in the MBC Every1 program “Put on a Neverending Show.”

Also during the show, J expressed how proud she is of Wheesung.

“I’m proud that he succeeded as a singer. I want to applaud him for how good he’s become,” J expressed.

Wheesung was not the only backup dancer-turned-singer in the Kpop scene because 1990’s dance group R.ef member Sung Dae Hyun, who is a panel member in the show, also revealed that Koyote’s Kim Jong Min was part of R.ef’s backup dancer team.

However, if J was proud of how Wheesung’s career went, Sung Dae Hyun was envious of what Kim Jong Min has accomplished.

“Frankly, I envy him. To tell you the truth, I feel a bit bad because he’s become better than me,” Sung jokingly said.

This show’s episode is going to be aired on January 27.

Source: Empas



  1. I love Wheesung

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