Posted by: krnloop | January 23, 2008

Who can refuse BoA?


How could someone refuse BoA’s request for an autograph? That was the same question other guests of the MBC show “Challenge! King of Ill Manners,” which will be aired on January 25, asked when Kim Heung Guk revealed that during the 2002 World Cup in Japan, he declined BoA’s request to have his autograph.

“There was this girl fan who came up to me in the stadium and asked for an autograph but because I was busy at that time, I had to reluctantly turn down her request,” Kim Heung Guk conveyed.

“Then later that day, at the same place, I met Lee Soo Man and he was accompanying the girl, who he introduced as “his label’s singer,’ whose autograph I refused. She was BoA,” Kim continued.

As expected, he was surprised and could not believe that he failed to recognize BoA, who already debuted in Japan at that time.

Meanwhile, also in the show, senior singer Ha Chun Hwa said that Wonder Girls is the most respectful junior she has met in the music industry.

Source: Joynews24



  1. I’d NEVER refuse her ❤

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