Posted by: krnloop | January 23, 2008

Another See Ya & SG Wanna Be couple?


Netizens are wishing for a “Kim Jin Ho and Kim Yeon Ji couple” after 2 other members of SG Wanna Be were reported to be in relationships. Unfortunately for fans, such “couple” does not exist for Kim Yeon Ji said that Jin Ho is just a friend.

“I was shocked because it’s something I didn’t expect to hear about. He’s a friend and our relationship didn’t develop into lovers because I don’t consider him as my type,” Kim Yeon Ji emphasized.

Lee Boram also said that because the two have been friends for a long time, the possibility of them developing into lovers is almost close to zero.

So, if Kim Jin Ho is not Yeon Ji’s type, what then is she looking for in a man?

“I want someone who is polite, hard-working and reliable. It would also be good if he is 178 cms. or more in height, looks a little like me and is someone who will wait for a long time for me in front of my house,” she enumerated.

When asked what, See Ya’s other “single” member, Nam Gyu Ri’s ideal man is, she answered that she wants someone who makes her feel important even if he is not good-looking.

Source: Joynews24


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