Posted by: krnloop | January 22, 2008

JYP’s 12 male trainees


Park Jin Young’s 12 male trainees are finally going to be unveiled through a documentary called “Hot Blood Boys” that will start airing on January 25 at Mnet.

Some members of this trainee group include Hwang Chan Seong, who starred in the sitcom “Unstoppable Highkick,” Lee Jun Ho, who is said to look like Rain, Khun, who was dubbed as the “perfect face star” from Thailand, and someone by the name of Ok Taek Yeon, who once starred in an ice cream commercial with Wonder Girls.

The documentary will show the training process of the 12 guys and there will also be an online poll wherein Netizens and viewers can vote who they want to be part of the final group that will debut this year.

“We’re still not sure how many members the group will have. We hope for a group with true musicians and not just good-looking idol singers,” JYP Entertainment said.

Source: Chosun + Joins


  1. I wonder if i’ll be able to download this. It actually seems quite interesting and it’d be fun to see how many are actually talented and how many are just pretty faces XD

  2. i heard dat they r being compare 2 SUOER JUNIOR..

  3. I mean SUPER JUNIOR..

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