Posted by: krnloop | January 22, 2008

Joo is sorry


Joo, who debuted with a pure and innocent image, is in quite a rough situation at the moment because pictures of her in junior high school, wherein she was drinking, smoking and playing billiards, are now spreading in the Internet. Because of these pictures, Netizens are now torn between supporting and criticizing the new singer.

JYP Entertainment came to the rescue and released a statement regarding the issue.

“She seems to have tried those out of curiosity when she was a junior high school student. After the pictures showed online, Joo was most confused about it and apologized to us. When she entered the label, she did not drink or smoke at all and only concentrated on her training. Joo is showing regret for the mistakes she committed in the past and will continue on doing her best,” JYP Entertainment commented.

Source: Sports Seoul



  1. I find it ridiculous that there is SO MUCH emphasis placed on underaged drinking/aprtying when it is clear that it happens EVERYWHERE.

    I’m not particularly interested in this girl, but it’d be a pity if she’s actually talented and her career didn’t start because of normal teen experimentation.

  2. dont like her!! didnt like her from the beginnin and wont like her

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