Posted by: krnloop | January 21, 2008

TSZX Stephanie transforms into a ballerina


TSZX the Grace member Stephanie’s mobile pictures, which were shot in Singapore in December 2007 and have a ballerina concept, are scheduled for sale on the 22nd.

According to Stephanie, she wanted to show her own charm and not as a TSZX the Grace member in the pictures.

Stephanie is scheduled to return to Korea from Japan to attend a launching event of her Project ‘S’ pictures, which will be available through SKT, at Apkujeong CGV on the 22nd, the same day as the release of the mobile pictures.

Meanwhile, last January 18, a 2-minute video of Stephanie dancing ballet was posted in Daum TVPot (

Source: Newsen



  1. thanks for translating<3 now i know why she was at singapore

  2. she was in singapore??? AH~ means i missed the chance of catching unnie in singapore.. :(((

  3. oh yar.. sookyung here. hehe

  4. she is so cocky though….

  5. cocky? more like she has a cock…

  6. how do you know she’s cocky??..some ppl meet her and say she’s the nicest..she even went up to the fan herself to give them guys are totally bashing without reason…

    acaster, just get your of here…stop bothering CSJH…

    • A lot of celebs give out signatures ._.

  7. very good bravo we luvvvvvvvvve yu ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. nice posture with that beautiful face = wonderful

  9. i lurve her posture!!!n she’s…
    though i’m nt les..

  10. hmm..
    i want to see her smile..=)

  11. would of been great except for her hands. hey finger’s left out.

  12. stephanie…….you’re so beautiful……………..

  13. How can you say she is cocky ?
    Well, I really don’t care, I’m pretty sure she is nice. Very nice because like alia said “she even went up to the fan herself to give them signature”
    And I don’t think it was only for her image. She isn’t like this. Some peoples always bashing her because she dances sexy. This girl is just awesome ! She is THE dancing queen!
    I hope to see her soon. I miss her so much.
    Stephanie Fighting !

  14. I think she’s beautiful. Very pretty poise and exspression. I share a strong love for dancing as well so I can connect with any dancer who dances with passion.

  15. Que linda foto,até me inspirei para tirar uma igual!
    As bailainas são exóticas,ficou perfeitaa!
    adoreeei! 😀

  16. Wooow !! :)) I like Ballet )) ))

  17. can someone translate what Jessica Rabelo said?!

  18. i love chinese girls they are so sexy arnt they ,Aday ?

  19. she can pose

  20. she is so sexy like me.a lot of guys has a crush on me

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