Posted by: krnloop | January 21, 2008

Seo Tae Ji, the face of GM Daewoo


“Cultural President” Seo Tae Ji was selected as the model of GM Daewoo’s “Tosca Premium 6.” This is Seo Tae Ji’s newest advertisement after an absence in the advertising world for 3 years.

So how much did he earn to be the new face of GM Daewoo?

Well, in 2000, he signed a contract worth 1.5 billion won with Prospecs, then in 2004, he got 3.2 billion won from endorsing KTF and in 2005, he earned 1.5 billion won for the shopping mall “Space 9” contract. Although the true worth of Seo Tae Ji’s contract with GM Daewoo was kept a secret, officials from the industry speculate that the singer must have rated at a minimum of 1 billion won.

Seo Tae Ji is scheduled to release his 8th album in March.

Source: Newsen



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