Posted by: krnloop | January 17, 2008


happy trip

I just want to say thanks to everyone who’s helping this site! THANK YOU! The hits in this site increased tremendously and it’s exciting. LOL!

Thank you for linking krnloop (Someone posted a link to this site in Wikipedia!!!) or just posting the news in other sites. The articles go out so fast that sometimes it’s a bit embarrassing when I still see grammatical errors etc. So if you notice that articles were edited, that’s because I make sure that they’re written in the best possible way. ^___^ Commas, quotation marks and periods are very important to me. LOL!

Thank you again!!!

I just want say how I appreciate everyone’s support.

Ah~ Just thank you!


  1. It’s really thoughtful of you to post translated articles for non-Korean readers. ^^; It can even be sometimes overwhelming to do (there’re so much articles to choose from @_@).

    Thanks Krnloop for all your hard work and effort. I hope your site becomes more popular in the future ^^

  2. Thank you for your site! I love it because it’s very straight forward, factual, short, and easy to understand.

    I really appreciate your site and all your hard work. I visit your site everyday! ^^

    ❤ Grace

  3. ah~~~ we should be saying thank you.. i like it that you do articles in the neutral stance, so that none of us will be misled for any artistes..

    you are doing a great job^^ and grammatical mistakes are too meagre to be counted as mistakes so.. ^^

    thankies and hwaiting.. ^^

  4. Thank you instead for giving us informative pieces. Love ur site for it’s simplicity yet comprehensive articles. Thank you for sharing ur site with us~! 😉

  5. I wanna say “THANK YOU” to you too!!

    because your translation, so I can understand many articles ^^

    keep going, I’ll cheer up you ^_______________^

  6. everyone had said it all, loop! Bravo to you!

  7. I really appreciate you for doing such a great job keeping up with news & translating them! It’s really good to read actual translated news without biased comments like other blogsites. So, thank you! I hope your site gets more hits!

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