Posted by: krnloop | January 16, 2008

SG Wanna Be, most sold album of 2007


On January 15, the Korean Music Industry Association announced that SG Wanna Be’s 4th album “The Sentimental Chord,” which was released in April 2007, recorded 190,998 sold copies, making it the most sold album of 2007.

Actually, 2 more of SG Wanna Be’s albums were also in the list. “Story in New York,” which was released in November 2007, ranked 10th and the “SG Wanna Be Special Album – History,” which came out in the market in November 2006, placed 9th.

Super Junior’s 2nd album “Don’t Don” came in 2nd with 164,058 copies sold, followed by Epik High’s 4th album “Remapping the Human Soul” that sold 120,301 copies.

Only the aforementioned albums reached or exceeded 100,000 sold copies in 2007.

Source: Starnews



  1. […] Last year, Epik High released its 4th album called “Remapping the Human Soul” and rose to 3rd place in the 2007 album sales chart for it sold more than 120,000 copies. […]

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