Posted by: krnloop | January 16, 2008

Park Hwayobi’s weight loss


Park Hwayobi is now almost unrecognizable because of the amount of weight she lost after undergoing a surgery on her vocal cord in September 2007. She lost 6 kgs. from the time she had surgery.

She recently posted pictures of herself in her mini homepage and shared that she has been busy recording for her 6th album. According to Hwayobi’s label, she works 4 hours or more in a day on the album.


“My album is planned to be released after the Chinese New Year so please watch out for it,” Hwayobi posted.

She also told her fans not to worry about her health because she is perfectly fine.

Sources: Starnews + Newsen



  1. omg. I wouldn’t have known that was her if i hadn’t read the article. She looks so weak and tired. I like the old Hwayobi better. I hope she gets more rest & eat more before promoting her new album…

  2. she looks scary >_<

  3. […] off her newfound slimmer body in a picture she recently posted in her homepage. The singer lost 6 kgs. after an operation to remove a cyst in her vocal cord in September […]

  4. i like to see her before this. i don’t like her new apperance. i like her before as she is very cute, naive and funny.

  5. Wow, I couldn’t recognize her. She lost too much weight. She doesn’t look healthy. She doesn’t need to loose that much weights. She was just fine before. Hope she’s happy with it.

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