Posted by: krnloop | January 15, 2008

Happy 100 Days, Harang!


Proud father Sean celebrated his son’s 100 days by posting about it in his mini homepage on January 13.

He labeled his entry with “Happy 100 Days Harang and Hye Young” and posted a picture of 100-day-old Harang and his wife.


“I’m thankful that Harang was always healthy for the past 100 days! I’m also thankful that Hye Young, after giving birth to Harang, recovered well during those 100 days! Happy 100 days!” Sean posted in his entry.

Sources: Chosun + Starnews


  1. 100 days already?! Wow~ It seems like it was just a short while ago when he was born. xSean’s such a sweet dad and Hye Young is pretty lucky lady. I can’t wait til Harang has matching clothes like the rest of his family 8DD;

  2. I love this couple!!

    LOL, I’d like to see those matching clothes too.

  3. He’s so tan!
    I love that picture of him and his sister!

  4. This is such a nice thing.
    And I love the pic of the two kids together.

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