Posted by: krnloop | January 13, 2008

Why Horan and Alex aren’t lovers


MC Kim Je Dong asked Horan in yesterday’s episode of KBS “Star Golden Bell” the reason why she and fellow Clazziquai member Alex are not lovers even though, Kim reasoned, he cooks and sings well.

“Alex is a really good friend but our leadership types do not fit. In a relationship, I’m probably the one who takes the lead and Alex will fit a woman who is a bit more passive than me,” Horan explained.

Source: Newsen


  1. wait, aren’t horan and alex siblings??

  2. No. ^^ LOL!

  3. ahahah siblings! ahaha that is some real cute analogy.. ahah

  4. I’ve ALWAYS wondered why they won’t go out…
    They’d make such a great couple 🙂

  5. me too, i read somewhere that they were siblings? so weird

  6. Aww, they would make such a cute couple. Too bad 😛

  7. jjhero > maybe you are referring to Christina, the other vocalist of Clazziquai who is Alex’s older sister ^___^;;

  8. There’s another vocalist of Clazziquai! WOW, I didn’t know!!

  9. Horan and Christina are both vocalists for Clazziquai. Christina doesn’t join their live perfs though. She and Alex are siblings. Usually when you see them at live perfs, Horan and Alex are the only vocalists present. I think maybe because Christina is in Canada but she’s very much a part of Clazziquai. She does the vocals for a handful of songs…I will Give You Everything, Salesman, Speechless to name a few.

    i quoted this from “kahel” from the clazziquai soompi thread.

    so basically, christina’s a vocalist, but we don’t really know her because she just records her voice on their songs for she’s in canada right now.

  10. wah thanks for the input…hehe now i have to change what i wrote on my blog regarding them being sisters 😀 thanks for the correction 😀

  11. helou mi correo es i me gustaria conectarme con algunos chinos
    e soi mexicana porfa

  12. Christina was in some of the shots for Robotica… and she sang prayers too

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