Posted by: krnloop | January 12, 2008

KBS “Music Bank,” rebirth of ranking system


The viewers of KBS “Music Bank” just witnessed the rebirth of its music chart.

For several previous episodes, “Music Bank” had the “Music Chart,” “Digital Chart,” and “Viewers’ Choice Chart” but on the 11th, all the charts were integrated into what the program calls the “K-Chart.”

“This new system was made because we wanted to start a fair ranking system that excludes elements such as the site ARS (Audience Response Systems) voting, which can be influenced by fan clubs and the TV network’s subjective selection of what gets broadcast, which can tarnish the objectivity of the chart,” Music Bank Yoon Hyun Joon PD explained.

K-Chart is based on 3 criteria: 50% on mobile and online ranking, 30% on panel interview of viewers’ choice (90,000 people or more) and 20% on album sales.

Source: Yonhap



  1. Why isn’t it showing on Singapore’s cable vision this week?

  2. Music Bank is the best Korean show that ive watched, good thing its airing in Brunei through astro channel 303 (KBS world). I find it a must watch every week, and i get to know more Korean singers. Its also a good show to catch our favorite stars like DBSK.

  3. thats nice!!
    I love Music bank!!

  4. I love this show…even though I dont understand most of it 🙂

    • i love music bank too and i love ft island because they are so cute…

  5. anyone know how to vote for our fav singer in music bank?

  6. the best show ever
    i really enjoy myself

  7. i love korean music &i know some of them.thanks to you bye.

  8. i love music bank very much!!!
    but why there’s no m.b last week???

  9. i like music bank

  10. i lov big bang

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