Posted by: krnloop | January 11, 2008

Son Dambi, curvaceous body


“Female Rain” Son Dambi is attracting a lot of attention these days because of her “Buckaroo” advertisement, which shows her curvaceous body. The picture above was actually posted in different message boards like Daum Telzone where it got more or less 200,000 hits.

“She jogs at dawn everyday in the US and has a tight schedule for her dance training, which really polished her body. A video of her in the US will be broadcast soon,” Son’s label announced.

Son Dambi is currently in the United States to prepare for her album, which will come out in March.

Source: Sports Korea



  1. Can she actually do anything other than look good? Cause i really haven’t heard anything about her actual talent…

    • Um, you don’t like her songs?

  2. Hmmmm….she’s hot don’t know if she is better than lee hyori but she is defin. taller than hyori n she doesn’t have 2 bei g sexy she just is gotta love her

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