Posted by: krnloop | January 11, 2008

Radio producers: best singer of 2007


Who is the best singer of 2007?

This question has been asked in several surveys but this time, it was 30 radio producers’, in cooperation with star portal Mydaily, votes that were counted.

According to them, the three best singers of 2007 were BIG BANG, with 21 votes, followed by Wonder Girls, with 12 votes and Epik High and IVY, with 11 votes each. When it came to the best newcomer of 2007, Younha got the most votes, totaling to 14.

Source: KBS World



  1. yeay for Big Bang..they had a rough time when 3 members got admitted to the hospital due fatigue…and they deserved it. they worked really hard to earn the recognition. am proud and happy

  2. yess bigbang is the best


  4. They rock!!!!!!…..

  5. õø


  7. i love you

  8. oh my god they are so cute don’t no what to say I LOVE BIG BANG

  9. i love v.i and T>OP and g-dragon

  10. i want to meet them

  11. KEEp RoCKing!! big bang!!



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