Posted by: krnloop | January 10, 2008

Joo, JYP’s new singer


JYP Entertainment finally revealed its newest singer. She is the 18-year-old Joo.

Her single album entitled “Young Woman,” where Park Jin Young, Yoon Sara, Shim Sang Won, Kwon Tae Eun, Lee Seung Hwan, Ryu Young Min, and Park Geun Chul participated in, was opened at an online music site on January 10 and was dubbed as “The New Horizon of Ballad.”

Like the title of Joo’s single album, she can be viewed as a young and fragile woman but once she starts singing, people will be surprised by her rich vocal abilities.


The single’s title track “Because of a Man” was written and composed by Park Jin Young, who did not give the song to anyone although a lot requested for it.

Joo will have her first performance on January 11 in KBS “Music Bank.”

Source: Newsen



  1. joo is bad

  2. tankuo very much

  3. the 18-year-old Joo is very ugly.
    I am very pretty than her.


  5. She’s very nice !!
    ^^ pretty songs
    love it~~

  6. ชชอบพี่จูจังเรยยยค่าา……………………….

  7. I am very pretty than her.

    I look for boyfriend in korea. any cute guy in korea? emal me then !! ^^

    • Trump policy is right malala.

  8. ugly bitch

  9. Yo Ku Hye Sun, YOU are the ugly bitch around here..
    F*** off!

  10. She’s so purdy! ❤

  11. wow so many hater notes here….

  12. Her voice is amaaazing !

    People need to stop hating, seriously.

  13. JOOOOOO! ❤

  14. Those who keeps humilate the artists, you will never be success in your life


  16. i love joo

  17. Mi twu love joo :X Mi laika

  18. I love JOO
    her voice is preety

  19. i luv her voice.. her song in cinderella’s sister is wonderful..
    i think ppl above who hate her were pretending to be overseas.. we knew that korea is famous with antifans.. i dun understand y they hate talented artists so much.. they r more towards looks rather than talents~

  20. yes, antis are korean. don’t look far.
    their lives suck. they’re ugly.
    so they envy artists.

    saw someone posted ill of
    nana from after school.
    it appears she’s from the
    same school.

  21. Joo’s voice is really wonderful..her ost song for cinderella’s sister such a nice song..
    JOO Daebak!

  22. I actually think Joo is pretty hot in the video nappeun namja… guys that do not have serious issues… I like her voice, too… of course, she is not a Jaurim or Babyvox class, but she is only 20 or so…

  23. Her voice is amazing!
    I love her new song “Bad Guy” ❤
    Joo daebak ^^

  24. he’s very greatest voice singer

  25. the picture doesn’t really look like Joo i think!….
    Well, she is actually prettier in the videos (in real life) than in the actual CD album picture!!!
    I love Joo and support her!
    A good and impressive singer!
    Love her voice, really sad when i heard the song ‘Bad Guy’ !!!!!!!
    Love it!!

  26. why are you so jealous??ha??you shouldn’t judge people by their appearance!!
    well I think she is not that much ugly!!!the most important thing is her voice that I bet she has a great voice!!!!!!!!

  27. Why are you hating her so much? Have you ever listened to her songs? Ö____Ö

  28. puyo mo oi..

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