Posted by: krnloop | January 5, 2008

Rain, to sing the 2008 Beijing Olympics theme song?


Rain was offered by officials of the 2008 Beijing Olympics to sing its theme song.

The popular Asian singer received the proposal and though there is a great likelihood that he will accept the offer, a formal contract still has not been made.

In 2006, Rain was offered to perform during the opening of the 15th Asian Games in Doha but due to his concert tour, he had to let go of the offer. Andy Lau filled in. It was, Rain said, his “most regrettable moment in 2006.”

Source: Joynews24



  1. woa.. if he accepts the offer, i’m really looking forward to Beijing Olympics.. Hankyung is holding fire torch, rain is singing.. WOOT.. big time kpop-ping for china fans..

  2. “big time kpop-ping”
    LOL! Love that!!

  3. thats just wrong. korean cant sing for nuts – he is just a good dancer. he is not chinese so he should not even be nominated. if rain does sing it implies that china has no pride and no singing talent and needs to look outside to improvise. china has heaps better talent than this and can do so much better. what a disgrace.

  4. dbsk much better than rain!!!

  5. Rain preform would be fine but nothing special to look too. i dont care for that one. I’m really hoping TVXQ! win instead,Theres so much hope for them.

    I will be so happy cause they are better then rain from my point. sorry. But if they asked him personally then he will take the offer right? NO! Still hope for TVXQ! SO MUCH MORE TALENT! But happy Hankyung is holding fire torch.^^ Though why not a Chinese singer then a Korean singer?

  6. hi!!!! mzta??? gwapo moh tlga!!! un lang!!

  7. haha!!! i love you!! i hope dat u r come hre 2 da phil. somday!! hhhehhhe i love you tlga!!!!!

  8. no fair i voted for DBSK
    I wished they would perform instead of Rain
    He’s getting too much fame
    Leave some for others, you know
    DBSK forever love <33
    Saranghaeyo <33
    Rain go wash away in the ocean
    he always NOT wear a shirt or pull it off in a concert or performance…

  9. ??????????????????????????????????????? is this right ????

  10. =o noooooooooo

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