Posted by: krnloop | January 4, 2008

2008 Kpop music according to analysts


The analysts of the music sector predicted that 2008 will be a better year for the music industry compared to last year.

2007 was marked by the boom of young groups like Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation and BIG BANG. In 2008, analysts said its going to be Younha’s for they expressed she has the most promising voice of the year.

Moreover, great expectations are there for several singers like Seo Tae Ji, who will come back in 2008 with his 8th album, and Moon Hee Jun, who just finished his compulsory military service, who absented themselves in the music scene.

Source: KBS World



  1. *__* Younha is a wonderful performer~ :3 Can’t wait for Seo Taiji’s comeback too~!

    ;-; Hope the CD sales go up this year..

  2. Yeah i’m glad MHJ is back and i can’t wait to hear his new songs, i heard some from the concert and they were great, i’m also curious to hear Taiji’s

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